Saturday, July 26, 2008

Some updates...

Recently, the "C" litter was born. This is the 3rd litter that Summit has bred in its breeding program. The litter includes five boys and two girls and all the puppies are healthy and good natured. You can read more about the litter and see a photo in Summit's July newsletter here:

We have created a "Summit Assistance Dogs" group on facebook. For those of you that use facebook, please consider joining the group. facebook provides a convenient way for the folks at Summit to interact with the community of people interested in Summit's activities. By way of (great) incentive, Grant has uploaded some photos and videos of the puppies in the "C" litter to the facebook Summit group. You may join the group by following this link:


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Melissa Mitchell said...

I would like to do post about Shiloh for this blog, please tell me how.
Melissa and Shiloh